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What is the FWJGA?

The Fort Worth Junior Golf Association conducts the annual Fort Worth City Boys and Girls City Junior Golf Championships. The tournaments traditionally are in July and are free for participants. There are no entry fees and no greens fees, and courses played include Fort Worth municipals and country clubs. There are eligibility rules, which a link can be found on the menu. The tournaments are open to boys and girls 8 to 18 years old. The boys tournament has been conducted since 1936 and the girls tournament since 1974. Thanks to the generosities of the City of Fort Worth and the country clubs, which donate their courses each year, there has never been a fee for participants.


2015 Tournament dates, girls courses set; registration is open

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The boys and girls 2015 tournament dates have been set with the boys playing July 6-9 and the girls July `13-15. The FWJGA Boys and Girls City Junior Golf Championships have no registration or greens fees. Boys entrants are limited to the towns listed under the Eligibility heading, while girls are limited to the North Texas area. Ages for contestants are from 8 to 18, though anyone already playing for a college team is ineligible. Rules and formats also are being updated. The courses the girls are scheduled to play this year are: Monday: 18-hole division -- Woodhaven C.C. 9-hole division -- Rolling Hills C.C. Tuesday: Division I -- Ridglea C.C. (North course); Division II -- Diamond Oaks C.C.; Division III & 9-hole Division -- Sycamore Creek G.C. Wednesday: Division I -- River Crest C.C.; Division II -- Rockwood G.C.; Division III, 9-Hole Division -- Sycamore Creek G.C. Courses are subject to change. Pleaase read the Rules.

Formats for the 2015 boys and girls tournaments; registration is open

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July 6 – Boys 14-18 will play Meadowbrook, Rockwood and Riverside with shotgun starts and stroke-play competition. The approximate low 60 scores from the three courses will form Division I, and the next approximate 60 will form Division II. The players who do not make Division I or II will form the Fourth through final flights. (Note: The first-day courses will be adjusted so that each is approximately the same length with the same pars though the scorecards won't reflect the changes.) The 8-10-year-old boys will be at the six-hole River Edge course at Rockwood and the 11-13 boys will play at Sycamore Creek. Stroke play the first day will dictate flights for the younger boys, who will begin single-elimination match play on July 7. Note: The boys at River Edge and Sycamore will play each day at the same courses.

July 7 – Division I will play at River Crest C.C. and Division II at Ridglea C.C. North Course, continuing stroke-play competition. Fourth through Seventh flights, each flight with 24 players, will begin single-elimination match play at Hawks Creek G.C., and the Eighth through final flights, each flight with 24 players, will begin single-elimination match play at Pecan Valley Hills G.C.

July 8 – After the second round, Division I will form the Championship and First flights and Division II will form the Second and Third flights, based on two-round totals. The Championship and First flights will continue stroke play at Shady Oaks C.C. and the Second and Third flights will continue stroke play at Mira Vista C.C. Winners from the matches at Hawks Creek and Pecan Valley will play at Diamond Oaks C.C.

July 9 – After cuts in the Championship through Third flights, the approximate 60 remaining players will finish stroke play at Colonial C.C. Match winners from the Fourth through final flights will play at Walnut Creek C.C. with stroke play in each flight. The 8-10 and 11-13 will finish their match-play competitions.

Note: When the Entry List is updated, that will serve as an entry confirmation.


(Note: all the girls will compete in stroke play)

July 13 – 18-hole girls will begin at Woodhaven Country Club, all playing from the same tees. The 9-hole girls will begin at Rolling Hills C.C.

July 14 – The approximate low 33 scores from first-round scores will form Division I, and the approximate next 44 will form Division II. The girls who don't make either division will form Division III and play 9 holes. The Division I girls will play at Ridglea Country Club's North Course, and Division II will play at Diamond Oaks C.C. Division III and the regular 9-hole division will play at Sycamore Creek. Flights will be determined after the second round.

July 15 – Division I players will finish at River Crest C.C., and Division II at Rockwood G.C. Division III and the regular 9-hole girls wil finish at Sycamore Creek.

Note: Because of unforeseen circumstances, formats are subject to change. After the first round, only the Division I girls will play longer tees (usually white); the other 18-hole girls will play from shorter tees (usually red). Also, after the first round, all players except the girls in the Championship and First flights will have a 10-shot limit per hole

Note: When the Entry List is updated, that will serve as an entry confirmation.


Medalist award honors
Wendell Conditt, longtime director

wendell conditt with award

Wendell Conditt retired as FWJGA executive director before the 2013 boys and girls championships after being the guiding hand of the Fort Worth Junior Golf Association since 1973. The FWJGA, comprised of volunteers, honored him by awarding the first Wendell Conditt Medalist Award to the girls and boys champions in 2013. The award will be presented each year to the player with the lowest first-round score in each tournament. Wendell presented the boys award this year after the final round at Colonial C.C. He's pictured at right with the award.

Wendell began his involvement with the boys tournament when the Fort Worth Men's Golf Association, which included the city's country club members, conducted the tournament. The free boys tournament began in 1936 at the behest of businessman Marvin Leonard, with help from Dr. Alden Coffey, with its purpose of giving all boys, no matter financial standing, a chance to play in a tournament.

The men's association disbanded in the 1960s, but had enough money remaining for Wendell and good friend Guinn Phillips to conduct the tournament for a few years. Several of Wendell's friends also contributed to help keep the tournament going. However, the contributions eventually ran dry and the tournament wasn't conducted in 1972.

Jack Montgomery of Fort Worth, a PGA Tour competitor and who had a sentimental attachment to the tournament, helped Wendell resurrect the boys tournament in 1973. Not only did Montgomery help raise money, he also bagged a donation of wieners and chili, and helped conduct the younger boys at Sycamore Creek. He skipped playing in the Western Open to donate his time.

''That year, we gave away about 10,000 chili dogs,'' Wendell said. ''We gave those kids chili dogs as long as they could eat them.'' Because there were few junior tournaments at that time, the boys tournament would attract large numbers, even more than 700 players, which is one reason so many chili dogs were consumed.

Before the age of computers, Wendell, Guinn and Star-Telegram sports writer Jim Trinkle often would be figuring results and pairings until midnight.

There were several businesses that stepped in to help the tournament, and one of the biggest supporters has continued to be Marty Leonard, daughter of the tournament's founder Marvin Leonard. The boys permanent trophy is named after him.

Woodhaven assistant pro Bobby Seaholm acted as tournament chairman when Montgomery became involved and, Wendell said, Seaholm was instrumental in getting the Star-Telegram to sponsor the tournament. In fact, the tournament became known as the Star-Telegram tournament to participants until the newspaper ended its sponsorship in the '90s. Also, Coca-Cola has supplied drinks to the boys and girls competitors for many years.

Wendell was instrumental in adding the FWJGA girls tournament in 1974, which was played only at Diamond Oaks C.C. for several years under the directorship of Benita Christensen. Over the years, there have been several volunteers who have been crucial in the organization's ability to conduct the tournaments.

Wendell had talked about retiring for a few years, and he and Guinn had handed over many of the duties to their sons, John Conditt and Martin Phillips, in the '90s. However, after a few years, Martin stepped aside and Wendell jumped back in as the director. Stepping entirely away from a tournament, Wendell said, has been difficult. The tournament has been a big part of Wendell's life for many years. And it still was when he announced he was retiring before the 2013 tournament.

Wendell has been the backbone of the tournament, and has been instrumental, along with Marty Leonard, in ensuring the country clubs and the City of Fort Worth have continued to provide their support by donating their courses for the girls and boys tournaments to make this a truly unique tournament -- the largest free junior tournament anywhere. Wendell also has had his friend, PGA great Lee Trevino, involved in helping raise money, which mainly goes for trophies.

Wendell's influence and guiding hands will be missed.


Present and past volunteers, staff and sponsors: Jim Barrett, Darren Baucom, Donna Berry, Chuck Birkhold, Ann Brown, Frances Busch, Randy Cairns, Arlene Clark, Charles Clines, Leslie Clines, Colonial Country Club Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas, John Conditt, Wendell Conditt, Gere Cozby, Vada Cushman, Pat Evans, Rudy Flores, Betty Floyd, Jim Ford, Suzi Gallemore, Melissa Gower, Bill Hatley, Jim Hilton, Gail Hitt, Brain Hutchins, Diane Johnson, Gere Johnson, Gay Joyner, Judy Knifong, Martha Kolb, Marty Leonard, Martha V. Leonard Fund, Kevin Long, Euginia Ludwig, Jan Marsell, Debbie Martinak,, Ben Matheson, Dr. Don Matheson, Larry Nelson, Marcus Newton, Dee Norris, Mike Pennell, Nancy Pennell, Orville Persons, Darrell Peters, Pat Peters, Chad Potts, Roberta Reeves, Pat Ryan, Sandra Ryan, Barbara Smith, Karen Stepp, Mary Stembridge, Kate Tran, Dale Thelen, Lee Trevino, Cameron Webb, Mike Wells.

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